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Mulberry jam

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Mulberry jam

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Domestic mulberry fruits are ripened at a low-temperature in a clay jar with oligosaccharide and sugar, and concentrated under reduced pressure.
Pectin and citric acid are put in here for manufacturing of Starberry mulberry jam, which has increased taste, flavor, and functionality of original mulberry.

│ Company introduction │

RIS Business Agency of daegu Catholic University(DCU-RIS Business Agency) is a cooperative project involving industry, academy, government, and research which includes industry and academy cooperation team of CatholicUnivrsity of Daegu, Yeongcheon Silkworm Farming Cooperative, Sky-Lake Co., Hankookwine Inc., Ebiche Inc., Taeyang Bakery, Pulnaeum Inc., and Sirubang, and we would like to progress preige RIS business agency of high value added functional mulberry-bbong product.

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Mulberry jam